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My Identities


Dream it. Design it.

I pave brands' way to a customised & consistent digital presence that is both authentic & engaging.  


At The Brandalicious, we LISTEN to you, we create deliverables TOGETHER  with you, and we provide a UNIQUE identity for you.

We start with a DNA Workshop, where you tell us everything about your challenges and your objectives. Then we create a bespoke digital experience, consisting of:
- a brand that represents you
- a website that tells your story 
- social media presence that adds value to your followers' lives 

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Impreuna Ajutam Vatra Dornei


Dream it. Achieve it.

Define what success means.

Passionate & compassionate corporate marketing manager who:

  • has brought to life more than 160 products 

  • in the domains of Beauty, Health and Wellness,

  • in almost a decade of experience in marketing and product development,

  • at Philips Headquarters and regional DACH level. 

Life&Career Coach

Discover your purpose.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Transformational Coach focused on:

  • bringing people to a state of awareness, clarity and perspective, so that they can develop a vision, craft an action plan and achieve their goals

  • helping people connect with their purpose and transform their lives

Founder of 3 businesses: a professional life coaching business (, a Branding Lab (  and a makeup artist studio Makeup by Adria.

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Serve others.

Contribution changes the world.

By working together, we can deliver extraordinary transformation to communities. I connected a team of 50+ volunteers that used their talents and passion to help soften the attack of Corona on our hometown.

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  • Impreuna Ajutam Vatra Dornei
  • Impreuna Ajutam Vatra Dornei



Beauty is my Duty.

Confidence: wear it like makeup.


The world of makeup is a place:

  • where wild creativity meets geometrical precision,

  • where attention to detail meets high level perspective and

  • where perfection generates smiles on the outside and confidence on the inside.


This is my hands-on approach to helping women and myself light up the world with their most gorgeous selves. Your life might not be perfect, but your eyeliner can be! 

It's just for fun. No link here :)



Expand your horizons.

37 countries and counting.


#30Before30 has been a fun, fast & furious ride, and a goal I achieved shortly before "the deadline". But there is more to traveling than ticking off items on the bucket list.

Apart from leisure traveling,

I have living & working experience across 3 continents:

  • Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Romania)

  • North America (USA)

  • Asia (China, Hong Kong)

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